As a mother of the bride, We know that our role in their wedding didn’t end with just our presence. We are also thinking on What to dress, who’s going to do your makeup? or how should you style your hair which is very difficult for us. So here are some tips that might help you.

  • Go for custom dress if you can afford it for exact proportions.
  • Let your hair down especially if you have great hair.
  • Brighten up! – Apply serum that will give you an instant glow.
  • No more Pantyhose! It’s definitely out of style.
  • Wear your best shoes. The sexiest shoes you could wear would be nude or silver.
  • Get support from Bra.
  • Wear your favorite Chandelier earrings.
  • Choose a nice clutch.
  • Do not wear same color or style as the bridesmaids. I think this is pretty common sense.
  • Avoid make-up mistakes. The simpler the better.
  • Don’t overdo your face.
  • Cover-up with style. Try a fancy little scarf, cardigan, shawl or shrug.

Last but not the least. BE YOURSELF and everything else will follow.

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You don’t always have to buy the gifts you give.Crafts make fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts, and you can also use them to decorate your home and get into the holiday spirit. Here are some ideas for some fun, easy crafts that you can make this Valentine’s Day.

Crafts for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Glitter garland: All you will need to make a glitter garland is some paper, a pair of scissors, glue, glitter, and string. Cut heart shapes out of the paper, or cut out the phrase “I Love You” or anything else your heart desires. Cover the cutouts in glue, and then sprinkle the glitter generously over each cutout. Let the glitter dry, and then attach the string to the back of each cutout. Hang your garland and admire your handiwork.

  2. Gift box: You will need a small box and whatever you decide to decorate it with. Paint the box white or red, and glue a die cut of your choice to the top. If you don’t have access to a die-cutting machine, you can also paint your own design. Then simply fill the box with candy, chocolates, or a gift for your loved one.

  3. Cupcake liner wreath: You will need to purchase a Styrofoam wreath base. Wrap the base in red ribbon. Then choose your favorite color or design of cupcake liners. Bunch the liners together at the bottom so they look like flower petals. Then glue each bunched liner to cover the outside of the wreath. If you like, attach a ribbon to the back of the wreath for hanging.

  4. Paper heart strings: Use pages from an old book or a heavy type of paper, like scrapbooking paper. Cut out hearts in varying sizes (if you are using book pages, you may want to use two pages stuck together to give the hearts more sturdiness). Then either tape to a piece of string or sew the hearts together; feed the hearts one by one into your sewing machine, leaving a little bit of space between each heart. You can make the strings as long as you like. Once you have created as many strings as you want (the more the better), hang them in front of a window, from an archway, or against the wall.

  5. Paper roses: All you will need are some square pieces of paper, a pen, and a pair of scissors. Draw a spiral on each piece of paper, starting in the center and extending to the edges of the square. Cut along the spiral lines. Then, starting with the outer edge, roll the paper against itself, creating a rose. When you reach the center of the spiral, affix it at the bottom of the rose. These are perfect for decorating your home or affixing to wrapped gifts. Feel free to experiment with different types of paper and sizes.